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Fall 2018 Hours:
7 days a week 8am–10pm
Closed holidays

9 Map Hill Drive
Wellesley, MA 02482

Foundry Equipment Offering / November 13th

Sign-up for Training on the equipment listed below.

  • 3D Printing: Ultimaker

  • Large-format Printing

  • Photo Printing

  • Vinyl Cutting: Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

  • 3D Scanning: Creaform

  • Photography + Video: Nikon D850 + Zhiyun Crane 2 Follow Focus 3-Axis Gimbal

  • Sewing

Foundry Equipment Offering / January 22

  • Laser Cutting: Epilog

  • Virtual Reality

  • CNC Milling: Shopbot 4X8 Standard

  • Subtractive Studio Fundamentals

  • Robotics: ABB IRB 120 industrial robot with M2004 IRC5 controller

  • Kitchen: Restaurant grade equipment

  • Small Electronics: Wearables, Arduino, Soldering Station


Campfires are weekly gatherings helping to build the foundry culture where you can discuss your ideas, get feedback, and help turn those ideas into reality! 

Stop by Monday evenings at 5:30pm to participate!

To use the equipment in the Weissman Foundry, BOW students, faculty and staff must undergo the following qualification process below:

1. Attend A Weissman Foundry Tour

  • 20-minute tours are given at scheduled times during the week. Tours are limited to 10 people.

  • Please sign up for a tour using the foundry events calendar. Alternatively, BOW faculty or staff may schedule group tours with the Weissman Foundry Manager.

  • After the tour, a waiver and honor code will be provided and signed by those who wish to continue the equipment training. Here is the waiver and honor code for your signature.

2. Train on Equipment

  • After you have completed a tour, and signed the waiver and honor code, you may sign up for equipment training.

  • BOW students, faculty and staff may sign-up online or in person for weekly Weissman Foundry Equipment Training Sessions.

  • The number of on BOW students, faculty and staff who may sign up for a training session is dependent on the equipment.

  • All equipment trainings have multiple scheduled sessions each week.

  • Training sessions start the third week of the semester.

  • Training sessions vary in length and format depending on the equipment. Some equipment requires a 1 or 2-hour single meeting. Other equipment requires multiple 2-hour sessions over consecutive weeks (details below).

3. Pass Annual Test

  • Passing a test on a piece of specific equipment grants access to that piece of equipment

    • Olin and Wellesley students, faculty and staff who have trained and qualified on equipment in their respective colleges may take the test to forego Weissman Foundry trainings and gain access to Weissman Foundry equipment.

  • Tests may be scheduled online or with the Program Manager or a Weissman Foundry Scout

  • Grading or regrading takes 3-5 business days

  • A new passed test is required each academic year for all users of the Weissman Foundry

  • Check your test results online here.

    • Qualified: passed test, can use equipment

    • Retry: re-answer missed questions correctly to pass

    • Retrain: retest and retraining required

4. First One’s Free

  • The Foundry provides one “unit” of consumable for all equipment at no expense. e.g., first, 1 cubic centimeter or inch of 3D print material, first 1 sheet of plywood or MDO for CNC, first 1 meter of vinyl or large format print paper for the cutter or printer, etc. After the one unit has been used, payments for further consumable usage are required.

  • The Foundry will track consumable usage by BOW students, faculty or staff and will be charged via Student Financial Services or departmental budget code.

  • BOW students, faculty and staff are all charged at equal rates.

  • See consumable cost sheets in the Weissman Foundry for detailed information on consumable costs.

5. Safety and Security Policies

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must adhere to proper equipment use and safety rules as covered in orientations and training sessions.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must have a passed the equipment test to use equipment.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must retake tests to renew equipment access each new school year.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must arrive within 15 min of their tour or training start time to keep their tour or equipment training reservation.

  • Authorized BOW students, faculty or staff cannot make reservations on behalf of other BOW students, faculty or staff or otherwise make resources available to untrained and unauthorized BOW students, faculty or staff.

  • No food, drink or wearing of audio earphones allowed at any equipment workstations.

  • Unless approved by The Foundry manager, BOW students, faculty or staff are responsible for clearing out their projects and/or materials by the end of the term or contents will be removed.

These Actions Will Result In Loss Of Privileges

  • Language or behavior that makes anyone feel unwelcome or undermines our values of diversity and inclusion

  • Improper or unauthorized use of Weissman Foundry equipment or resources

  • Unsupervised use of Weissman Foundry equipment or resources

  • Disregard of Weissman Foundry safety rules and general policies

  • Failure to clean on and around equipment and studio workstation or return tools after use

  • Training no-shows without cancellation

  • Enabling unauthorized individuals to access Weissman Foundry resources

Weissman Foundry Studio Long and Short Term Chairs

  • The Weissman Foundry has 48 reservable workstation chairs in the main Studio.

  • 24 of the chairs are reservable for 24-Hour, short-term projects.

  • The short-term chairs are first come, first serve.

  • The remaining 24 chairs are reservable by BOW students, faculty or staff individuals or teams for long-term projects of up to 14 days.

  • The long-term chairs require an application. Please fill out the application here.

  • The results of your application will be returned within 5 to 7 working days.

  • If an application is accepted yet all 24 long-term chairs are occupied, the Weissman Foundry will discuss with the individual or team and work to fit the accepted project into the calendar to be mindful of the project timing and deadlines.