Resources at
The Foundry

If you have an idea or a project you are working on, come to us, and we will help you figure out how to make it come to fruition. Below is a list of equipment we have available (and first make sure you sign up for a tour & training):


Printing Studio

The Foundry Printing Studio has a variety of 2D printers, some of which can be accessed 24/7 and some of which require a Scout’s assistance to use. Printing is free in the Foundry so we ask that all things printed here relate to the students' creative exploration. Fliers and posters printed in multiples should be printed at the Canon Copy Center (



Wood Shop

We have a well equipped Woodshop at the Foundry with a wide array of powered and hand tools for use on wood and certain plastics. To gain general access to the Woodshop, you must schedule and complete a General Woodshop Training. Once you have completed the General Woodshop Training you can request training on individual Specialty Tools.

Remember to print and fill out this General Woodshop Training Quiz before your training.


Digital Fabrication Studio

The Foundry Digital Fabrication Studio is equipped with a variety of 3D printers and laser cutters. To gain access to the digital fabrication studio, students must attend one or more of the machine trainings. Please note that training on the Ultimaker FDM Printer is a prerequisite for training on the Stratasys FDM Printer.


If training on a Laser Cutter, remember to print and fill out this Laser Cutter Quiz before your training.


Textiles & Electronics Studio

The Foundry Textiles & Electronics Studio contains a range of equipment related to fashion, apparel and small electronics in addition to a variety of miscellaneous tools for creating buttons, stickers, signs and more. To gain access to the Textiles & Electronics Studio, students must attend one or more of the machine trainings.