Wow! We received 62 applications for the Foundry Fellowship, and are now judiciously going through each one. We’ll be in touch with a detailed update shortly!


  1. When are applications due?

    February 11 at midnight.

  2. What kind of projects are we looking for?

    Projects that:

    Are collaborative between more than one of the BOW campuses.

    Utilize the Foundry space, tools, and creative support culture.

    Are new and novel.

  3. How many teams will be selected?

    We expect to accept between 4-10 teams.

  4. What is the Weissman Foundry?

    The Weissman Foundry is a Babson College, Olin College and Wellesley College (BOW) student-directed, trans-disciplinary, entrepreneurial creative studio environment. The Foundry is a safe, creative environment that supports any project at any stage of development, through, hyper-creative programming, experimental courses, digital and traditional fabrication resources and social events.

  5. Are project milestones required?

    Yes, each selected team will develop bi-weekly project milestone deliverables

  6. How do teams receive the $1500.00?

    The money to develop a team project will be tied to the deliverables described in the team milestones. In general, team can expect three (3) installments.

  7. Who are the judges that will review projects and by what criteria will they award the $2500?

    The judges will come from disciplines that relate to the projects chosen each semester. They will use the three criteria described in "What kind of projects are we looking for?"

  8. Have a question that was not answered in here?

    Please email with the subject "Fellowship".