Foundry Fellowship

A semester-long fellowship focused on collaborative creative exploration and innovative work

BOW students may apply as a team (between 2-6 people) to develop or continue a project of their design. These projects could manifest in limitless ways, from advancing a design or engineering project, supporting an entrepreneurial endeavor/prototype-creation effort, creating an artwork, making an app/game or even choreographing a performance and producing a film or something at the intersection of all of the above—the opportunities are endless.

Each team can receive up to $750 for their project and will also receive a dedicated workspace in the Foundry, priority for Foundry equipment, secure storage space for projects, and free Foundry materials. At the end of the semester, teams have the chance to win an additional $2,500.

Applications due 9/21/19 at midnight. Please email with the subject Fellowship.




  • Fellows are required to uphold the values and honor codes of the Weissman Foundry

  • Fellows are required to have weekly check-ins with either Janos Stone, Director of the Weissman Foundry or Jen Lin, Program Manager of the Foundry Fellowship  

    • If a specific fellow is unable to attend a check-in, please notify us and reschedule 24 hours in advance

  • Fellows are required to participate and attend all events on the Fellowship Calendar

    • Reasons for missing events must be submitted in 48 hours

    • Fellows are also strongly encouraged to attend other, relevant Foundry events

  • Fellows are required to work on their project at the Foundry, such as have internal team meetings, brainstorming, prototyping, etc. and not take Foundry Fellowship projects offsite to work on them. However, it is understood that in certain circumstances projects may be needed off-site, for testing, etc.

    • Treat the fellowship as a residency at a hospital. We want you to almost “move-in”.

  • Fellows are required to submit a fellowship work schedule, where it is stated the times they are dedicating to work on their fellowship project  

  • Fellows are expected to meet their milestones

    • Any changes and pivots are understandable but must be communicated via Slack or email.

  • Fellows are required to complete the Foundry Feedback forms and are entered to win team sweatshirts with your logo.

  • Fellows are required to submit a team photo.

Calendar of Events for Fellow

  • BLEND: fellowship Info Session
Sa September 14th
    5 - 7 PM

  • Potential Workshop Day - have Faculty Fellows come into workshop
    W October 9th
    5 - 6 PM

  • Evaluations (Week 4)
    F October 18th

  • Midterm Presentations
    F November 1st
    5 - 7 pm

  • Social Breakfast/ Work Day/ Photoshoot
    Sun November 10th
    11:30 - 1:30 pm

  • Final Presentation
    F December 13th
    6:30 - 8:30 pm


  • Fellows are expected to contribute to the Foundry culture such as: sharing your work with others, asking others how you can help them on their projects, or feedback on your own.

  • The main form of communication between Fellows, Scouts, and Administration is Slack

  • Fellows are expected to check Slack everyday to receive or provide any announcements or information

  • All BOW Community members are able to join the BOW slack: LINK TO JOIN

  • There will be weekly emails to remind teams on upcoming events and actionable items to complete for the week  

  • Fellows are suggested that they attend some Foundry-hosted events

  • Fellows are suggested to promote and volunteer to work on Foundry-hosted event

Funding & Finances

  • Fellows are responsible for ordering their own materials with the provided Visa or Amazon cards after the initial kickoff order

    • All used cards must be returned to the Director or the PM of Fellowship

  • Fellows are responsible for maintaining and keeping all receipt purchases

  • Fellows are required to schedule a bi-semester audit with the PM of Fellowship Program

    • Should any purchases be made for any items outside the use of the fellowship program will result in immediate termination of your fellowship



  1. What are the hours to the Foundry?

    The building workspaces, kitchen, and workshops are open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. In addition, Foundry Fellows will have 24/7 access to the Innovation Studio.

  2. How can I travel to and from Wellesley to The Foundry?

    Foundry fellows from Wellesley College will be provided a Lyft code which will allow them to travel back and forth on demand.

  3. How do I purchase my equipment and materials?

    By providing us with website links to the equipment and materials you require and we will purchase them for you.

  4. How can The Foundry Scouts help me with my project?

    The Scouts are here to provide feedback and technical advice as well as, (whenever possible) À la carte training on Foundry Equipment.

  5. What if my team begins to fall behind on our milestones?

    We will review this case by case, and work hard with you to get your team back on track. After two (2) attempts are made and work continues to not be completed, your team may be asked to forfeit the Fellowship.

  6. Who are the Fellowship judges for end of semester competition?

    Now that we have identified the Fellows, we will be selecting judges with backgrounds that relate to your project themes.

  7. What are the criteria my project will be judged at the end of the Fellowship?

    The judges will be looking at three criteria:

    1. How experimental and creative was your process of designing and making your project and how experimental and creative was your final product.

    2. How successfully your team and project made use of the Foundry culture and equipment

    3. How successfully your team and project integrated and worked with the BOW community.

**Failure to comply with any of these expectations and/or any safety violation will result in your team being placed on probation. Any further infringement on the policies or safety will result in the termination of your fellowship.