The Weissman Foundry is designed to provide students and faculty with tools and resources for classes, design projects, and collaborative activities. It features a collaborative studio and teaching studio for the exploration of new ideas. Our shops, including a woodshop, a digital fabrication studio, and a textile and electronics studio, enable the creation of prototypes. Social areas including an ideation lounge and a social kitchen provide members with space to relax and engage with one another.


Production Facilities

The Foundry features four production spaces, all of which are available to students wishing to design and create. Students can get trained on any of the tools in these spaces, and can use them for classes, personal projects, or just to learn how.

The wood shop is equipped for a wide range of woodworking operations. It contains a miter saw, band saw, drill press, belt sander, drill/drivers and impact drivers, all of which are included in the basic training. Specialty tools include circular saws, jigsaws, orbital sanders, a CNC shaper, and more.

The digital fabrication studio contains our laser cutters and 3D printers, as well as computers with the software to control them. Our CO2 laser can cut and engrave wood, acrylic, and many other materials. Out printers include FDM printers that print in PLA and ABS plastic, as well as SLA printers that can print more detailed objects out of resin.

The textiles & electronics studio has sewing machines for working with textiles, a vinyl cutter to create stickers and signs, a soldering station for creating electronic circuits, and a fume hood for any project that generates fumes or gas.

The print studio has a high-quality conventional printer as well as a large-format poster printer, so students can print whatever they need for their projects.


The collaborative studio is a multi-purpose space that can support all kinds of projects. Here, students can share ideas and resources as they design and create. The studio is equipped with workspaces, whiteboards, a projection system, and easy access to all the shops.

he teaching studio can host classes and workshops, and contains ample whiteboards and work spaces for class-wide or team-wide ideation sessions. It provides a private space to facilitate teaching and conversation, but is adjacent to the rest of the Foundry’s resources. 

Social Spaces

The ideation lounge is an open space with comfortable seating, where students can relax and engage with each other over tea or coffee.

The social kitchen is a fully equipped kitchen space where students can prepare snacks or even light meals. Events can also be hosted over food.