Getting Started

To use the equipment in the Weissman Foundry, BOW students, faculty and staff must undergo the following qualification process below:

1. Attend A Weissman Foundry Orientation

  • 45-minute Orientations are given at scheduled times during the week. Orientation Tours are limited to 10 people, and cover the culture, equipment and purpose of the Foundry. Each Orientation ends with a hands-on Cardboard prototyping workshop.

  • Please sign up for a Orientation. Alternatively, BOW faculty or staff may schedule group tours with the Weissman Foundry Manager.

  • After the tour, a waiver and honor code will be provided and signed by those who wish to continue the equipment training. Here is the waiver and honor code for your signature.

2. Train on Equipment

  • After you have completed a tour, and signed the waiver and honor code, you may sign up for equipment training.

  • BOW students, faculty and staff may sign-up online or in person for weekly Weissman Foundry Equipment Training Sessions.

  • The number of on BOW students, faculty and staff who may sign up for a training session is dependent on the equipment.

  • All equipment trainings have multiple scheduled sessions each week.

  • Training sessions start the third week of the semester.

  • Training sessions vary in length and format depending on the equipment. Some equipment requires a 1 or 2-hour single meeting. Other equipment requires multiple 2-hour sessions over consecutive weeks (details below).

3. Safety and Security Policies

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must adhere to proper equipment use and safety rules as covered in orientations and training sessions.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must have a passed the equipment test to use equipment.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must retake tests to renew equipment access each new school year.

  • BOW students, faculty or staff must arrive within 15 min of their tour or training start time to keep their tour or equipment training reservation.

  • Authorized BOW students, faculty or staff cannot make reservations on behalf of other BOW students, faculty or staff or otherwise make resources available to untrained and unauthorized BOW students, faculty or staff.

  • No food, drink or wearing of audio earphones allowed at any equipment workstations.

  • Unless approved by The Foundry manager, BOW students, faculty or staff are responsible for clearing out their projects and/or materials by the end of the term or contents will be removed.

These Actions Will Result In Loss Of Privileges

  • Language or behavior that makes anyone feel unwelcome or undermines our values of diversity and inclusion

  • Improper or unauthorized use of Weissman Foundry equipment or resources

  • Unsupervised use of Weissman Foundry equipment or resources

  • Disregard of Weissman Foundry safety rules and general policies

  • Failure to clean on and around equipment and studio workstation or return tools after use

  • Training no-shows without cancellation

  • Enabling unauthorized individuals to access Weissman Foundry resources