"Untitled" is your chance to showcase your masterpieces on the runway. Submissions can range from accessories and wearables, to upcycle and fabric patterns, etc. 

Saturday 4/20
Fashion Show starts 6pm
Party starts 8pm

All submissions are due midnight April 13th via the application found here.


  1. Can you submit more than one piece or project? Yes. You can submit as many pieces as you like. The show will be curated, but there is NO LIMIT for submissions.

  2. Are you able to style your models? Yes. You can designate your own model and style your model as you want.

  3. Do you accept entries that are upcycled—say, a jacket that was significantly altered through painting, studding and accessorizing? Yes. You can submit new, upcycled or wearables! It’s open! Submit your ideas!

  4. Time: At what time should we come before the show the Saturday? Designers can come any time starting at 9:00am on the day of the show.

  5. The Show: Do the model have only one walk? or they can change and we can see more outfit? Models will only have one walk, so you need one model per outfit.

  6. MUA (make up artist and hair style): Will you have someone in charge there? or we should bring one or ask the models to have the make up we need for our style? We have both makeup and hair stylists. Designers or models will supply the makeup, we can supply brushes.

  7. Music: there will be the same music for all the designers? or can we have our own? We will be curating the music for each look with our DJ. If designers prefer a certain song, we can try our best to integrate the desired song into the mix.

  8. Coordination: Whom is in charge of the Runway organization: should we be in touch with her/him? Once applications close on the 13th, we’ll begin our curation and organization for the show. We’ll get back to you with their contact information.

  9. Communication for the event: Will Babson create an event of facebook/eventbrite? Could we get the flyers to share on facebook and the others social media. We have an event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/346291449326183/.

  10. Communication at the Event: will you show some pictures during the show? We are currently organizing a way to livestream the show on all of our screens in the Foundry.