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Project M Workshop / xBOW & Final Event

The Weissman Foundry is an open-door design studio, inspiring transdisciplinary innovative collaboration between Babson, Olin, and Wellesley for the advancement of new or existing projects.

The Foundry is organically producing a unique 4th culture that is a mashup of the 3 individual BOW cultures. In order to embrace this phenomenon, the Foundry is bringing in experts in various creative processes like Thinking Wrong and Ethnographic Design Thinking, for a multi-day challenge from March 7-9th, and we need YOUR participation to help define the essence of the Foundry 4th culture!

On March 8, we are launching xBOW, a multi-day workshop with BOW students using creative processes like Thinking Wrong and Ethnographic Design Thinking. Join Marc O’Brien (The Determined and Project M) and Karen Stein & Benjamin Gaydos (goodgood), for a fun and immersive workshop where students will have the opportunity to innovate, experiment, and create solutions to local or global challenges they want to solve while learning a variety of creative processes that can be applied to their own work.

Along with learning the Think Wrong and Ethnographic Design Thinking, you’ll learn;
+ Human-centered design methodologies
+ How to rapidly prototyping your ideas to get authentic feedback
+ The benefit of trans-disciplinary collaboration
+ More about the facilities at B/O/W

The new Weissman Foundry has everything you need to build your art, design, academic or entrepreneurial projects. It’s an entire building dedicated solely to making your ideas happen, and it is open to all B/O/W students and faculty.

This workshop will be the first of many engagements that will lay the foundation for how the Foundry’s presence can be instrumental in the work of students across all three colleges.

Workshop Facilitators:
Marc O’Brien (The Determined)
Karen Stein & Benjamin Gaydos (goodgood)

Earlier Event: March 8
Project M Workshop / xBOW