Arduino 005: Musical Doorbell

This will help you:

Use a buzzer to create a doorbell that plays a short tune

Time: 1-2 hours / Level: B2

You should already:

You Will Need:

  • A computer

  • An Arduino

  • An A-to-B USB cable

  • A half-size breadboard

  • A pushbutton switch

  • 10k Ohm resistor

  • A piezo buzzer

Get the code and resources for this activity by clicking below. It will allow you to download the files from a Google Drive folder. Unzip the folder and save it in a sensible location.

Step 1: Buzzer Button

Assemble the circuit as pictured in buzzer.png. Open simple_buzzer.ino and read the code to understand what is going on. Connect your Arduino and run the script.


Step 2: Playing a Tune

Open musical_buzzer.ino and read the code to understand what's going on. Connect your Arduino and run the script. Try adding more different notes to play a tune.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Take a video of your circuit in use, showing off a quick demo of the functionality. Share it via the submission button below to get it featured on the Circuit Board!

Return any parts to the supply area, and please sort things by the correct value so the next person can find what they need. Thanks!