The Weissman Foundry

The Weissman Foundry provides a highly creative space to individuals or small teams for research, art/design, academic, and entrepreneurial startups to collaborate, experiment, and build. The 10,000 square foot facility provides areas for large project work as well as workbenches, access to advanced fabrication machinery, traditional tools, AR/VR and connections to expertise and training to move all forms of research and projects forward.

At The Foundry, we don't put restrictions on what you can do, because we don't believe in self-imposed limitations. We encourage you to bring us ideas outside your areas of study and work on them right here. It’s a positive environment where taking risks is encouraged and all ideas are welcome. We don’t stop there. We have the tools, materials and state-of-the art technology you need to make your ideas happen. And we have a team of volunteers from all three schools waiting to help.