Arduino 008: Car Startup


We’re glad you wanted to learn to create an Arduino-powered car at the Foundry - unfortunately, the car kits have not been created yet, so we are not able to provide supplies or assembly instructions. The instructions below relate only to the code aspect of the activity. Check back later to see when instructions will be available.

This will help you:

Learn to make an Arduino-driven car which can be built on to complete robotic tasks.

Time: 1-2 hour / Level: B1

You should already:

You Will Need:

  • A computer

  • An Arduino

  • An A-to-B USB cable

  • A half-size breadboard

  • An Arduino Car kit

  • Motors

  • Wheels

  • Motor shield

  • Chassis

  • Power source

  • Hardware & connectors

Get the code and resources for this activity by clicking below. It will allow you to download the files from a Google Drive folder. Unzip the folder and save it in a sensible location.

Step 1: Build the Car

Coming soon…

Step 2: Connect the Motors & Shield

Coming soon…

Step 3: Secure the Electronics

Coming soon…

Step 4: Run the Test Code

Open drive_test.ino and connect the Arduino to your computer. Make sure the car has a couple feet of flat surface in either direction.

Upload the code to your car. It should move forward and back in a loop 3 times. You can try changing the speed settings in the code if you want.

If everything looks good, you can move on to one of the other car activities!